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august 2008
something happened so deeply in the source workshop, that it is the first time in my whole life, that my inner life and the peacefulness i feel within myself is not effected by any external forces of stress, job, money etc. normally, i would be in some kind of fear right now, and instead i feel taken care of and deeply held; somehow safe. clearly, that doesn't even describe it, because it not 'something' holding me, it is me being in silence within myself. it is an elemental, life-giving light that is always on. thank you.
daylene, new york

in all the years that i've been exploring different forms of energy therapy i've had one constant comment from practitioners who work on me - my left side is energetically much weaker than my right side. there was even physical evidence of this as my left arm and leg were not nearly as strong as my right and i had to have some physical thereapy in 2005.

in the summer of 2006 i attended one of your free group healings and introductory talks. during the healing i suddenly started to sense tension up and down my left side. it felt as though my left arm and leg were covered in clay or mud that was drying and beginning to crack. the sensation became stronger and i felt like i could almost hear this weird cracking, my arm felt heavier and heavier and then suddenly it felt like this whole layer of stuff that had been getting tight and cracking just fell off. the left side of my body now felt stronger and more energized than my right side. my thoughts at that moment were, "neat!" and "gosh i hope this lasts." it is at least six months later and i'm still feeling all that lovely energy in my left side and my right side is balancing out with it. thanks so much!
- joie, executive assistant, california

one benefit i have noticed since attending alexandra marquardt's workshops is an increased awareness and ability in managing my investments. i'm not a stock trader by vocation, but it does provide some income. now i see the stock market is a large, complex, adaptive system -- with its own energy, psychology, and cycles. moving through my own issues, i am getting a better sense of the kind of "group consciousness" that inhabits the investment community, and that has given me more tools on which to base my decisions. not only am i seeing better returns on my investments, but there's a much deeper understanding of why stocks and the stock market move the way they do. this was a completely unexpected gift and i attribute it to the wonderful education you provide.
- david, california

thank you for facilitating your work in the u.s. it was a powerful and amazing experience for me. i wish i had better words for how grateful i am to you, for helping me to begin awakening - the experiences of a life for me has become deeply meaningful, profound and filled with joy. thank you for helping me to open these doors.
- debbie, california

i would like to give you love and appreciation for everything you have shared and for you being yourself, more and more all the time. sending you much love and best wishes and if you come up with any kind of class i can attend, anything, i will travel to santa fe.
- rich, healer, new york

i would like to thank you for all the intense work that you do. i am so grateful for you. i had a group session last night and it was so deep and so amazing and it is helping so many people come out of suffering, because of you passing this onto all of us. i want to acknowledge you and acknowledge all of the inner-work that you do. if you weren�t doing what you are doing, we would not be doing what we are doing. i so want to acknowledge you and thank you from the depth of my heart.
- dayleen, healer, san francisco

i wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your participation in the group healing when i was at the omega institute in new york. i wanted to thank you again and tell you how wonderful the experience was for me to be able to work with you like that. i know everyone at omega was so grateful to be able to receive that kind of energy. it was definitely a powerful experience. thank you again.
- denise, midwife, san francisco

i feel so very blessed that your teachings have come into my life. the energy fields are so heavenly and the effects of the healing power are incredible, it goes right to the core of the issues, illuminating them - transforming them. none of the teachings i have practiced over the last 18 years have ever had such results.

i am so very grateful.

i met with my son yesterday for the first time since he took your class. the whole thing is a miracle. he says that no doctor or medical facility has ever helped him like this has done. thank you again.
- anke, massage therapist, nevada

i see the truth working through you and in you and that gives me trust in what i can not see. your integrity helps people take a leap of faith and as humans we all need a little help to do that. you do that for me. i can trust my intuition when i am with you.
- aleeca, midwife, chicago

i wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the healing that you helped facilitate. i truly am more �whole� as a result. i can not express in words how grateful i am for the gift that you have shared and look forward to our next time together.
- robert, toronto, canada

dear sue, since you had your healing session, your whole demeanor is different,�your whole body, everything about you is a whole different animal... you are going to do great for this�important presentation.your work will change and grow and i feel a confidence in you that i haven�t seen before. you are on top of it today and really in the game. i am really proud of you, whatever you have done to get it, you are there.� i just wanted to leave this message and let you know".
- from the business partner of a client

the accelerated healing group workshop, (an evening facilitated by alexandra) was really, really powerful for me. i have noticed it days later, clearing out my root chakra and softening something in my whole system. i can move and clear and work on things in a whole different way. it is really powerful and so helpful. the healing is still unfolding and increasing exponentially, really amazing!
- alicia, hair stylist, boston

i couldn�t tell what the class was about from the web, but took it based on how good alexandra, the instructor is. having taken it, i believe i�ve been given an incredible gift: to have a source within me that feels like my heart, my core. it feels like home�a place i can go to and meditate forever.

whenever i�ve meditated before, i�ve had to concentrate on breath or a mantra or letting thoughts go�all with a certain amount of effort. with the source meditation alexandra taught, i now feel that i can meditate for any period of time�an hour, a week�and be thrilled to be in this place of divine joy. there�s no trying with this meditation because it�s a place you really want to be.
- robin, california

something happened to me in alexandra�s source class. it changed everything. the mind thought this is what it had been doing. then it asked �have i been missing it�? it asked me to question the question. for the first time i saw the seeker in me seeking and how funny that was. how funny that the divine is pretending to be asleep inside me. so, that leaves the question of �who am i� and not only the dissolution of the �i�, but moreover the dissolution of the question of �who am i�, as there is no one to ask.
- karen, educator, boston

it has been such a pleasure to work with you over the past year and a half. my life and my experiences would have been so much more difficult if i had not had your work and your support. i would never have dreamed that i would been involved in spiritual work or healing. now i have found that i have integrated my new awareness into my old life. i didn�t have to become someone different, i just became more at ease with who i am. you have helped me to a much greater understanding of myself. i have become much richer in every sense of the word and look forward to future work together.
- steve, tai chi master, california

you are the most amazing teacher. i am so happy to have done the course. i am so into it all because it has changed my life. i am doing a session for the first time just a week after taking the class and i am thrilled. it is absolutely illuminating. what can i say! i will definitely continue as soon as i can. i am incorporating it all into my life and it is completely empowering. thank you so much for helping me change everything!
- philipa, chef, atlanta