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what is healing?

healing or healthy evolution goes so far beyond any old ways we may have practiced, received or imagined healing and transformation.
we are no longer working on an isolated issue or a bit of karma, but rather any issue approached merges us into a multidimensional, spiritual and physical ocean of evolution and creation that effects not only us, but all life on this planet and others. we need support with this tremendous change.

the healing that occurs before, during and after source events or personal sessions is in complete alignment with the high-frequency, divine consciousness available in your system, now. formerly, healing often occurred through tremendous suffering and hard work or hardship. although some of our greatest lessons are still learned through challenge, this is different than suffering. through my service to the divine source of creation, i encourage you to actively practice surrender, giving everything up to the positive source of creation. surrender and acceptance are the opposite of 'giving up' or 'giving in'. they are powerful healing frequencies where we are able to deeply relax our heart and free our whole systems from the stress that creates imbalance.

healing, does not necessarily mean that your mind will be free of emotion or thought, but it is a path to a deeper, more balanced life that enables you to remember, manifest and integrate your potential and joy. healing on any level, enables you to 'manage' these human qualities in a creative and healthy way is essential for inner peace and well being. the major 'bulk' of your transformation will now occur through a multidimensional field where your connection to the earth and the greater whole will not just heal you, but also your environment. this connection will actively aid in your transition into what i call the "new human".

remember, that welcoming who you truly are and having that which is you reside fully within the physical body is a process and we must practice patience and self-love. the body exists in 3-dimentional form and this form sometimes moves quickly and sometimes slowly. true healing completely supports your individual processes, timing, heart energy and balance. it allows divine consciousness to expand and flow freely through every cell and every issue, bringing release, freedom and clarity through listening to your health with love, grace and reverence.