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sessions, consultations, readings, and custom workshops

please call 1-505-984-1991 for individual sessions and consultation.

individual healings and readings on location or at a distance.

  • private individuals
  • corporate or professional clients
  • families/whole situations
  • animals/wild, domestic, earth healing
  • houses and land clearing
  • a session is generally one hour long.

sessions are in perfection with your healing process and in perfect alignment with your individual evolution.

the individual healing process begins at the appointed session time, whether we are talking or actively healing. all sessions begin with a consultation or reading, depending on individual needs. after that the accelerated healing work begins. this is done primarily in silence, as is a meditation. by grace, i have been able to train my ability to ‘scan’ your system, the situation or the space. this allows me to optimally target both holistic and specific issues. at the end of your session, you are given the chance to ask any questions and any pertinent information is shared. should the recipient be proficient at a healing method, ‘homework’ can be given to aid in continuing the process.

the sessions are generally scheduled for one hour, unless you have other needs. they are in perfection with your healing process and in perfect alignment with your individual evolution.


distance healing

for those not able to make the physical journey to our center, we ask that a quiet space be created during the work. the recipient may choose any of the below listed options and is guided through the process.



the options below are meant only as suggestions and idea. i hold your intentions in my heart and allow the energy to work in perfection with your process. this may or may not be what you were ‘thinking’. our minds have little to do with this experience.


ideas for personal energy-therapy sessions

all-inclusive session

general energetic tune-up, alignment, clearing, deep karmic release, emotional/mental/physical/spiritual clearing, chakra-balancing and integration (and much more… depending on you.)


chakra & energy centers

enables the clearing and healing of the main chakras and other energy centers supporting and enhancing the flow life force energy to the spine, kundalini and the meridians.


auric & subtle body

a focused approach to clearing and healing the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. the health of these bodies directly effects physical well-being. energy-color-therapy, harmonic frequencies and other powerful tools enable natural flow and movement.


karmic webbing & genetics

a chance to release the deepest imprinting within the karmic body. genetic imprinting on the energetic system equals that on the physical. releasing this imprinting and its attachment to the karmic webbing, clears and re-aligns the deepest level of inherited material.


stress & well-being

soothing and harmoniously integrating any portions of the system that are held in tension through emotional or psychological stress. vibrational essences, frequencies with homeopathic effects are used, bringing well-being, rest and rejuvenation into the whole system.


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