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about alexandra marquardt

alexandra marquardt

alexandra j. marquardt is known for facilitating deep and lasting personal transformation. her ability to perceive, track and heal deep physical, emotional and mental patterns has brought her teaching and training international recognition. since early childhood, she has experienced her own journey as a conscious process that graciously allowed for deep awakening and healing. for 18 years she has lived, studied and worked in europe, teaching workshops and practicing privately in austria, germany and italy. upon her return to the united states in 1999, alexandra founded the lightworks healing institute located in santa fe, new mexico. the institute is dedicated to awakening a deeper presence of wisdom, healing and spirituality through a number of programs. she offers a powerful series of personal and professional workshops, including the source awareness work integrative heart awareness workshop series, group coaching and individual mentoring programs for awareness, self-development and stress management.

alexandra�s focus and heart-based simplicity make her a vehicle for self-realization and finding ones own truth. her teachings facilitate deep self-dependence and self-confidence, reducing stress and tension around belief systems, conditioning and social pressures. her international workshops and private sessions are transformative in a practical, grounded way for every-day use. her knowledge encourages self-inquiry and healing, while also effectively teaching healing for use on others as well as supporting professionals within the field of energetic healing and alternative therapies.

alexandra marquardt has a bachelors degree in fine arts and communications from muhlenberg college, pennsylvania, usa and a degree in communications sciences from the university of frankfurt, germany. she is trained in energetic therapy, psychic development and has worked in the field of counseling and individual and group healing. she is bilingual in english and german and speaks italian. her works experience includes ten years in an international corporation as star-alliance project manager. alexandra has coordinated and led international educational tours for greater cultural and self-awareness. she has lived in england, italy, germany and the u.s. and worked in australia, africa, far-east asia, europe and the united states.

in 1999, alexandra returned to the us and founded the lightworks healing institute, llc. for awareness and self-development. she lives and works in santa fe, new mexico and continues to travel extensively. lightworks healing institute offers a wide variety of workshops, private sessions, custom trainings for both the personal and professional environment. she was one of only five certified vortexhealing� trainers worldwide and facilitates her own integrative heart workshops entitled source awareness work.